‘audio.utils.filter’ module within the ketos library

This module provides utilities for manipulating and filtering waveforms and spectrograms.

apply_median_filter(img[, row_factor, ...])

Discard pixels that are lower than the median threshold.

apply_preemphasis(sig[, coeff])

Apply pre-emphasis to signal

blur_image(img[, size, sigma, gaussian])

Smooth the input image using a median or Gaussian blur filter.

enhance_signal(img[, enhancement])

Enhance the contrast between regions of high and low intensity, while preserving the range of pixel values.

filter_isolated_spots(img[, struct])

Remove isolated spots from the image.

plot_image(img, fig, ax[, extent, xlabel, ...])

Draw the image.

reduce_tonal_noise(img[, method])

Reduce continuous tonal noise produced by e.g.

reduce_tonal_noise_running_mean(img, ...)

Reduce continuous tonal noise produced by e.g.