Ketos is available on the Python package index repository and the latest version can be installed with pip:

pip install ketos

Because Ketos uses TensorFlow as the deep learning framework, at this time it requires pip 20.0 or higher and python 3.6-3.9.

Note that GPU support depends on CUDA®-enabled graphics cards and the necessary drivers and libraries. Refer to for more information further instructions.

Depending on your operating system, you might have to install other dependencies (like hdf5lib). If you try the steps above and receive errors due to missing dependencies and don’t want to install them yourself, you might find Anaconda helpful.

Anaconda is freely available from Make sure you get the appropriate Python version and make sure to pick the installer appropriate for your OS (Linux, macOS, Windows)

Create and activate Anaconda environment:

conda create --name ketos_env
conda activate ketos_env

Install the PyPI package manager and Jupyter Notebook:

conda install pip
conda install jupyter #if you want to run the executable jupyter notebooks in the tutorials

Install the latest version of Ketos:

pip install ketos